Bee Stings
June 30, 2017

Selecting a location for your new beehives

Once you have decided to establish some beehives, it is worth to give careful consideration to the location: where are the hives going to be placed. Careful planning from the get go is worth the time and effort as it can be difficult to move established beehives. If you would decide to move the hives to another town or postcode – 5km or more away, it is usually a rather simple procedure. However difficulties arise when hives are moved shorter distances. Bees tend to fly back to the old location… A move less than 2 metres is usually not an issue.

Bee hives should be placed so that they have enough working space around them. When you open a hive for inspection you should have enough room for yourself and the required equipment behind the hives. Avoid placing equipment in front of the hives that might interfere with the bees flight path and affect their behaviour.

Hives should also be placed in a location protected from farm animals – cows, sheep… to prevent accidental damage to the hives and stinging to the animals. Fences can be practical solution. Please contact Illawarra Bees for advice and consultancy in any beehive establishment questions: 0435 016 898

buildinf fence for bee hives


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